N.Y.N.O. Physique Tip #01 – Wake Consistently


If you read our last post you probably already gathered that N.Y.N.O. stands for New Year, New Opportunities.


Clearly many people view losing weight, eating healthier, and working out more often as important; over 26% of the people that make resolutions sited these as areas for improvement in the coming year. And yet, even with the best of intensions, fewer than 10% of people that make New Year’s promises are actually successful in achieving them.  We hope to help increase the success rates for our readers in 2017.


While we can’t do the planning, cooking, and training for you, we can and will help arm you with a series of diet, training, and lifestyle tips to enhance your efforts along the way.


Without further ado…


Physique Tip #01: Wake Consistently.

Training hard and eating right, but not seeing the gains you expect? It may be time to pay more attention to your alarm clock.


screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-6-24-36-pmPrevious research has found that people with even mildly irregular sleep habits have bigger waists and higher disease rates, regardless of how they eat or often they exercise.


In an ideal world, you’d be getting at least 7 hours of quality zzzzz’s every night. But we live in the real world, where stress, deadlines, late night television, Tinder, and the internet regularly challenge our ability and willingness to comply.


Thankfully, more recent research suggests that the amount of sleep you get at night may be less important than the regularity of the time that you wake up each morning. Seems an occasional late night bender isn’t so bad as long as you don’t sleep-in the next morning. After a day or two of restricted sleep, you’ll get tired and get to bed at a more respectable hour. The key is that you wake at the same time every day — including weekends!


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