Welcome to The Log

Welcome to The Log.

The Log is part health & nutrition, part training & fitness, and part performance lifestyle. Basically, a little bit about lots of different things that most Out of the Lab (O2TL) users will be interested in. The Log is intended to be informative, educational, inspiring, and, at times, even a little humorous. (We’re serious about physique and athletic enhancement, but don’t take ourselves too seriously in the process.)

In the beginning, the posts may be a little sporadic. But once we get settled in — and hopefully get feedback from our readers about what types of content that they would like to see more of — we will attempt to post on a more regular basis. If everything works out according to plan, The Log will be a collective experience.

Well, that wraps up our intro. Thanks for reading. Please check back regularly. We hope to make The Log part of your regular routine.

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